In every kind of business there is rivalry. Winning the trust of you targeted clients is directly connetcted with the way you communicate with them. You need to establish brand familiarity and loyality with your target segment, and to accomplish that, using their language and their cultural canons and standards is a must, along with making them more convenient and sensitive to what you offer and adding local features and pecularirties to your products. New businesses are introduced to the world-wide market every now and then and that’s why you are to develop and modernize your output. At sawa we realize that time means money, and thus, we are devoted to meet your deadline and even more, exceed your expectations, making you competitive on the market. You can count on us in helping you to reach your aims and anticipations and supplying you with all what you may need for localization, as user manuals, ua, ui, help files, technical documentation, websites, data sheets, installation guides, etc. Our team of technical section is always willing to provide the needed tools for your marketing and our marketing professionals carry out uppermost translations for your marketing materilas and text. Sawa has highly qualified technical translators with engineering degrees and experience in all related fields: Information technology Mobile technology Computer software Machinery Support and service providers


Translating life science

It is hard to underestimate the value of medical care. Depending on how well you can communicate, lives can be lost or saved. Any contradictoriness can bring up litigation proceedings or life threatening condition, and to avoid that we only hire professionals with the experience in medical translations. It’s a rule for us to make sure that the translation is adequate to the local laws and orders and with accordance to the client’s requests. Medical services Our medical translation experts have experience with the following medical machines types: lood pressure monitors, digital thermometers and nebulizers produced endocardial, bipolar, steroid-eluting, active-fixation pacing lead, pacing system analyzer, external patient activator, pulse generators, resynchronization device steroid-eluting, endocardial left heart leads, eluting endocardial pacing leads, cardiac resynchronization therapy device, blood collection system, etc. Pharmaceutical We are proficient at localizing package enclosures for medicines or drugs that represent very certain information on how to use the drug. We have experience in translating medical materials, using special vocabulary needed for that, as well as medical web content with e-learning features. We are able to perform medical patent translation that gives medical rights authenticated by the government, medical survey articles, reports and researches with all required knowledge and attention. Here are some examples of the documents we can translate: licensing contracts and agreements, technology digests, survey compositions, researcher reports, approbation letters, consent forms, inquiry forms, patient diaries, unfavourable occasion.


Either you offer exceptional design, driver comfort or steering, suspension or weight distribution innovations on the market, our team of specialized automotive translators adore cars just the way you do. You will truly appreciate our professionals who understand the most exquisite and scrupulous activities that shape automotive technology nowadays. Our experts are proficient and qualified in all aspects of automotive industry: Design Engineering Manufacturing Production Sales and marketing Our automotive translators know what drives you and your business We boast to offer uppermost quality automotive translations in all major areas. We provide our services with all forms of guarantees and regulations. We also have sections specialized in electronic and technical components and engineering innovations. Our automotive translators and copywriters can translate and deliver the unique driving experience you create to your customers in over 40 languages.


Prompt world-wide communications often play essential role in modern financial industry. Our financial translators are professional specialsts in different financial industrybranches: Accounting Insurance Corporate finance International finance Investment banking Asset management Money markets Property We have a team of highly proficient financial translators with all industry specific qualifications and the linguistic skills needed, specializing in all areas of finance. We have provided financial translation for main mergers and arbitrational translation for several world-wide financial organizations.we are translating for the stock markets in all the financial capitals of the world.


Public sector and government translation Public sector institutions have to fulfill their duties and provide top quality services, and correct translations in this area play essential role for the participants. At sawa, we hire highly professional experts in all respective branches and we can offer our services to: National governments Intenational organizations Local government and council authorities Housing associations and government organizations Police and court Our team of translators has a deep insight of government structure support, administrative systems and court procedures. Our accurateness in linguistic and cultural details let us stand alone on the market. Might you need an expert in environmental policy or immigration, we supply you with translators who possess specific knowledge of the local administration methods. We realize that providing services of this kind involves highly personal or even confidential information and data, and that’s why we have established and executed intensive security measures. We assure complete and total privacy. All admissions are limited, registered and archived, all information is safeguarded by countersigns and kept on our secure web-based server.


Having a legal compliance of your product in the target markets is a great asset; especially for the international trade and having a strong position in the global market. The complexity of Legal Translation is the way higher than the other domains.A few minor errors or inaccuracies may lead to unpleasant consequences,the cost of these mistakes is either financial or reputation. That’s why the compliance and proficiency of Legal Translation tends to be more important than others. Sawatechprovides you withvarioustypes of legal translation, which are usually required by different Business Sectors, as: Pharmaceutical: Patents, copyrights, and research protection Software: End User License Agreements (EULAs). Real estate: Contracts & Property. Commercial Litigation: Trade laws of domestic and foreign trades.

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